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Beach in the Midlands

That’s right, hidden in the centre of England is a beach.

It’s not big, but it has sand and it is next to water.

Where l hear you ask?!….

It’s at Rutland Water Park! Nestled in the beautiful county of Rutland is a beautiful reservoir managed and maintained by Anglian Water, who we work with closely.

The image below shows the beach in all its glory. Sure it’s not Bournemouth but when you live in the Midlands the closest we have is Skegness! (No disrespect to Skeggie we all love it, but it’s not what you think of when you think ‘beach’!)


The beach at Rutland Water Park – Lab3Media

With a wonderful nature reserve, engaging visitor centre (which we created all the graphics for) and restaurants to dine at, it really is a jewel in the Rutland crown.

For more information about Rutland Water Park and upcoming events, visit their site by clicking the link below:

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